YEAR: 2012


    Bedrock Real Estate Services retained Hamilton Anderson Associates (HAA) to design the renovation of 4 floors of the 1001 Woodward building in Detroit to house a design-forward office environment and training center for Quicken Loans.    The building was originally designed in the early 1960’s by one of Detroit’s oldest architectural firms and is an excellent example of modern high rise design with open floor plates and expansive views in all directions.  To launch the creative process for the new renovation, Quicken Loans provided HAA with 4 inspiration words to use as a design theme – art deco, insects, moss, and beer.  Through a series of interactive work sessions, HAA captured the essence of the Quicken Loans image of a bright, fun and energetic workplace.  Art deco inspired graphic insects are found on the custom wall coverings.  The hexagon shape alludes to the beehive and is repeated throughout the design in flooring, ceiling and glazing elements.  Moss can be found “growing” on the columns on the north wall.  The names of local craft beers are used to identify conference rooms and other gathering spaces.

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