SIZE: 100,000 SF




    The Court of Cassation in the Republic of Armenia, is the country’s highest court. Our team developed a comprehensive design competition submittal for the Republic of Armenia’s Court of Cassation complex in the capital city Yerevan. The competition, run by the Armenian Ministry of Justice, is associated with the World Bank’s judicial reform project in the former Soviet states. The court complex totals over 100,000 square feet, including two supreme courtrooms, 12 judicial chambers, chief justice chambers, seminar and conference facilities, a cafeteria, a library, a chancellery, deliberation rooms and administrative offices for the judicial administration.


    The design concept combines indigenous customs, materials and construction techniques with advanced technology and systems that help to reaffirm the strength, venerability and efficiency of the Cassation Court, while integrating the building into its urban context. The design also provides substantial security measures and a full complement of sustainable design features including: a geothermal system, a green roof, rainwater harvesting, day lighting and displacement ventilation.



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