YEAR: 2013


    Following the release of the Detroit Future City (DFC) Strategic Framework document, Detroit Future City engaged HAA to establish a permanent home for the DFC Implementation Office. The Office serves as the steward of the DFC Strategic Framework, strategically coordinating actions and resources, so the office space needed to accommodate multiple overlapping functions as a day-to-day workspace for DFC employees, as well as a meeting, event, and presentation space.


    To maximize flexibility within a minimal area, the design establishes overlapping zones of activity providing diverse options for formal and informal meeting and working. A mezzanine, constructed above the formal conference room, provides much needed additional floor space and serves as a viewing gallery for the presentation area. The raw character of the existing building is preserved and complemented with reclaimed wood millwork and iconic furniture pieces that contrast the gallery white interiors.


    Adjacent to New Center Park, the office establishes a prominent street address along West Grand Boulevard through new storefront glazing and signage, maximizing visibility and communicating an open and transparent engagement with the community, furthering the DFC mission.



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