Funded by the Clean Michigan Initiative, the city of Lansing’s Grand River waterfront improvement plan will create a new public landscape along the east and west sides of the river, adjacent to downtown Lansing and two blocks from capitol. The west waterfront represents a never-before-public space on a site formerly housing the Ottawa Street Station of the Board of Water and Light.


    With most of the site accommodating the concurrent project of the Accident Fund’s new national headquarters, the west waterfront negotiates challenging urban conditions: a landscape legacy of contamination, a sensitive public-private interface and the place where the city meets the river. The east waterfront folds into existing park land and interfaces with another concurrent project, Lansing’s new city market. Taking inspiration from the riparian context and the Board of Water and Light’s historic utilitarian uses of the river’s edge, the waterfront’s landscape interventions foster new civic relationships with water and light.



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