YEAR: 2013


     HAA was commissioned by Bedrock Real Estate to transform the space for Quicken Loans (QL).  QL was unsure of how they wanted to use the space, but was sure they wanted an unusual space.  They provided four phrases for ‘inspiration’:


    • Lego

    • Rusted Metal

    • Clean Imperfection

    • "Anything remotely related to the absurdly intricate awesomeness of the round vault door"

    • Bonus phrase: Delicious Chocolate


    HAA used these phrases as a starting point to carefully craft the variety of space, wants and needs into a cohesive whole.  The deteriorated walls and columns are juxtaposed to the restored plaster ceiling of the original bank lobby to defined a multi-functional space.  The kitchen area, complete with a delicious chocolate ceiling, wraps itself around the stair that goes to nowhere, a remnant of the original vault.


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