YEAR: 2013, UNBUILT


    HAA participated in "Redesigning Detroit" in 2013. It was intended to to generate innovative ideas for the iconic Hudson's Site in downtown Detroit. The proposal created the Center for Urban Resilience, a development that supports Detroit in a socially responsible manner, providing a public square, a marketplace for goods, and diverse housing options, capped with a civic park enjoying beautiful views of the Detroit skyline. Instead of simply replicating the image of other cities’ success, the Center for Urban Resilience seeks to craft a future for the city that builds on Detroit’s unique strengths.


    The capacity for resilience is said to hinge on three primary components : regional economics, socio-demographics, and community connectivity. To capitalize on Detroit’s historic legacy and current trends toward localized entrepreneurism, the Center will not only provide an engaging retail experience, but also education and training opportunities as well as space for the production and fabrication of goods. Ultimately linking the production, creative industry, a diverse and socially connected community, and a civic oriented marketplace provides opportunity for the intersection of a diverse and vibrant urban population.



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